Best outdoors and indoors home security cameras 2021

These days, CCTV cameras are something that should be in every home: and an additional measure of security and peace of mind. The camera will monitor your home 24/7, and if anything, it will send you notifications and upload the video to cloud storage. If you’re thinking about getting one, our article will help you with that tough choice. We have selected a list of the best security cameras in 2021 and considered their main characteristics in the form of picture quality, price, and security level.

Wyze Cam v3 Review

This is the best budget surveillance camera that is great for people with a small budget. But don’t be fooled into thinking the price is too low, what makes it different from more expensive cameras is the lack of extra features. The 1080p picture quality is not the best but it does not prevent you from seeing what is going on in the video. The night video is impressively good.

When you buy the Wyze Cam v3 you get two weeks of free use of cloud storage, the only downside is that all videos go for no more or less than 12 seconds, but you can insert your memory card to record long-term videos. If that’s not good enough for you, you can also subscribe for $1.25 a month for uninterrupted shooting.

Arlo Ultra Review

This camera costs several times more than its predecessor, but its features are much higher. It is a high-quality 4k video camera that also has the added feature of digital tracking and zooming. This makes it much easier to recognize the person on the camera. The camera shoots great at night and also has two built-in microphones for better sound.

The price of the main camera comes to $400, and if you also want to buy additional ones, each will cost $300. There’s also no bonus of temporarily free storage when you install, and you’ll need to pay $3 if you want videos to be saved. For those who were originally set up for the best, the camera still performs flawlessly, and we can assure you that the price is equal to the quality.

Blink Outdoor Review

This is the perfect option for those who need an inexpensive wireless camera. Blink Outdoor runs on two AA batteries and communicates using a small base station connected to your Wi-Fi. The camera is built to withstand all weather conditions but the video quality is not good enough for its price, only 1080p. You also have to pay $30 per year for cloud storage. Ring’s Neighbours feature is available in the security camera with which you can see various incidents from your neighborhood through the app.


ALIVESTCOM is a security camera without wifi with a covert motion feature that allows you to capture any movement on video. The camera has a hidden design, it cannot be seen by the naked eye, such a camera is also convenient to install in your car, garage office, etc. Despite its small size, the camera has a fairly powerful battery that lasts for 90 minutes of continuous shooting. It’s easy to use with just one button and provides the ability to switch between FHD or HD and transfer files using the card reader.